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The actual Hotel rises from the foundations of a large Roman Villa which dates back to the II Century B.C. and owned by the Roman Emperors.  The Counts Mastrobuono, began the actual construction of today's Villa in 1750 to be used for their summer vacations. In 1820 the Villa was turned into a small hotel. The 17th century frescos of the original Villa were restored along with other works by Ernesto and Giovanbattista De Curtis. Between 1905 and 1907, William Waldorf Astor, captured ...

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The EXCELSIOR VITTORIA is a historic Grand Hotel comprising three different blocks built between 1834 and 1880. Precisely because of its unique layout, the Hotel is able to offer a generous selection of rooms with a variety of features. One of Italy's leading Grand Hotels, the EXCELSIOR VITTORIA is located in Sorrento, the place where it is said that the Roman Emperor Augustus had a beautiful villa with magnificent views of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples. The long history of the EXCELSIOR ...

Hotels in: Sorrento

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